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TAG Heuer began in 1860 as a watch company that produced high quality watches that were suitable for everyday use, even in the upper class. Through their early years, TAG quickly gained in popularity and even had patents for their chronograph and later an oscillating pinion which can still be found in mechanical chronographs.

They were also responsible for creating the first timepieces that were used in automobiles in 1911 with the invention of their “Time of Trip” chronograph. However, through the years, quality and inventiveness have become some of their most defining qualities and their line of watches, and cell phones and sunglasses, represent 150 years of excellence.

In 2010, there are ten different watches available for any occasion. Nevertheless, because of the broad selection, there are certain attributes that are noticeable in the watches, none so much as the variation in pricing. The Micro Timer, for example, ranges from $1000 to more than $1500, depending on the retailer. TAG’s Formula 1 is a watch that is inspired by the racing series and retails for around $550 to $1300. The Aquaracer is waterproof up to 300 meters and will only set you back somewhere in the area of $1000 to $2500.

Meanwhile the Golf Watch, Link, and SLR, which are all designed for a specific type of person, all range somewhere around $1500 (some higher with extras). Next up are the Carerra, Grand Carerra and Monaco watches which all range between $3000 and $5000 usually. Nevertheless, when buying TAG, you buy quality and this is most evident in the cost of the Silverstone which reaches close to $7000 in retail value and rounds out the TAG 2010 lineup.

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The Tag Heuer brand sells many fine watches and this includes their men’s watches. Before we discuss Tag men’s watches in more detail however, let us first discuss a little background associated with Tag Heuer. Tag, is the shortened version of Tag Heuer and was created in Switzerland nearly 150 years ago by Edouard Heuer. Edouard Heuer’s main goal was to develop the measurement of time and he did this on various occasions through his long acclaimed life. His greatest achievement, in 1916, was the creation of the Micrograph stopwatch, accurate to 1/100th of a second. Technology has moved a long way since then and Tag has now further developed this to be as accurate as 1/10,000th of a second in late 2004. Tag is therefore famous for precision and accuracy.Tag Heuer Aquaracer Mens Watch in Lehman Pennsylvania | Mens Gold Tag Heuer Watches

Exceptional Tag Watches
So as we have seen Tag has a long and established history. It has been the first company to be able to measure time the most accurately. This has therefore streamed into its watch collection and Tag Heuer can safely say they have always produced exceptionally accurate watches right the way through the years. This is no different today as Tag Heuer continues to produce exceptional watches.

Tag Watches
Tag produce watches for both men and women. They do this because men and women have different tastes when buying a watch. If a man or woman decides they want a particular model that is not labelled in their gender this is not a problem either as both parties can still go out and buy that watch. That said, Tag Heuer do design their watches for men and women separately.

Tag Men’s Watches
Tag men’s watches are very different from Tag women’s watches. Generally speaking, they have a very bold look, and use colours that are slightly darker than average for example blue and black. Tag women’s watches use more gold and pink in their colour scheme. Tag men’s watches also have a very manly strap, normally made out of stainless steel. Whatever the exact type of design is, Tag men’s watches are extremely popular amongst many males and are purchased regularly.

Tag Men’s Watch Image
Tag men’s watches are also extremely popular because they look so good when worn on the wrist. Due to this simple reason, many are sold in the UK and across the world. Consumers are always praising the watches and boast to their friends when wearing them too.

Tag Conclusion
Tag men’s watches are some of the nicest watches on offer. They look great, they have a great image and they are high in quality too. Most importantly however, they are well received by all men that wear them.

Mens Watch Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer is a famous watches and chronographs company that has a long history and it is popular all around the world. The company was founded in 1860 by Edouard Heuer. Tag watches are amazing and they are also worn by celebrities. Tag watches are usually sports, but we can find others, too. Tag watches have adapted to all the trends that emerged in time, managing not only to survive, but also to become an appreciated and international luxury brand. Tag watches mean quality, advanced features, resistance and great materials. Even at present, the most famous sports men also choose Tag watches.

It is true that Tag watches have increased prices, but they are worth. Tag watches do not need to be fixed and you will not have any trouble with them. Tag watches are made for ladies also. They are the highest level of elegance and great taste. Many people with different personalities find Tag watches great and they simply adore them! Tag comes from Techniques d’Avant Garde and they were the first automatic chronographs in the world. Tag watches were successful in all the years and is amazing how they managed to keep the same fame for such a long time.

Wear Tag watches and you will understand better why they are so loved. Tag watches can be appreciated for real only if you wear them, but you can be sure it will be a precious experience! They are worn by the rich people, by the elites, but also by anyone who can afford. The company has manufactured watches for racing and they look great! The company has collaborated with many famous celebrities and also with other companies. Tag watches commercials will always emphasize the longevity, the experience and the quality of the products. Tag Huer has launched several designs for Formula 1 and for many sports events. With such watches, you will feel extraordinary! Their quality made them famous! People would not buy them if they do not trust them, so if you still have doubts, I am sure they have already vanished! Elegance, social status and taste are found in Tag watches!

The next of my Christmas picks is for men and is the Tag Aquaracer Chronograph. Actually there is a whole range of Aquaracer Chronographs and I have picked 2 specific designs.

First of all, what is a chronograph watch? A chronograph is simply a timepiece that can measure time more accurately, by incorporating a stopwatch function and usually sub dials that keep track of seconds, minutes and hours, or even fractions of seconds. They are especially designed for sporting environments where precise timekeeping can be vital.

The two chronographs I have chosen are almost exactly the same, just separated by one or two features (and a number at the end of the model). In fact, the reason I am showing you two is simply a matter of slight design variations and a couple of hundred dollars.

The first is the Tag Heuer Men’s Aquaracer Swiss Chronograph Stainless Steel, model number CAF1112.BA0803. It has a dark blue dial with silver hand and hour markers. The case and bracelet are polished/brushed stainless steel and it has a deployment clasp (a deployment clasp is when the clasp opens out and folds back in again to close, and is usually in 3 sections).

This Tag Aquaracer Chronograph has 1/10 second, 60 second and 12 hour subdials on the main dial and has a silver sweep second hand. The movement is Swiss-made chronograph quartz (Tag Heuer are famous for their accurate, precise timepieces) and the watch crystal is scratch resistant sapphire crystal.

This Aquaracer model is particularly designed for scuba divers, hence the unidirectional, elapsed time bezel, water resistance to 300 meters and luminous hand and hour markers. All enabling a diver to remain confident in his timepiece while underwater.

The second model is the Tag Heuer Men’s Aquaracer Swiss Chronograph Stainless Steel, model number CAF1112.BA0804. The watches are very similar, except the dials are slightly different shades of blue (it is described as a royal blue), and this model has silver subdials displaying 1/10 second, small seconds and 30 minute intervals. As with the previous model, it is designed for divers and this chronograph also has a deployment clasp, but with an added safety catch.

All in all there is very little between them and they are both beautiful, functional watches. The watches retail at around $1900, but the Tag Heuer Men’s Aquaracer Swiss Chronograph Stainless Steel, model number CAF1112.BA0803 is currently available at the Discount Watch Store for $1191.44 (plus a further 10% this holiday season) and the slightly newer model no. CAF1112.BA0804 is available at Amazon for $1356.02.